Dwayne Pope Atlanta

It is utterly unfair that those living in rural areas of a first-world country are forced to search far and wide for competent cardiovascular services. While recent studies state that complications stemming from heart, artery and vein issues are declining, similar news articles will show that residents of rural areas are the ones who are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular complications. Increased rates of smoking, a poor diet and limited exercise can be a recipe for health-related disaster, says Dwayne Pope, of Atlanta, and it’s his mission to educate, inform and address people more likely to be at risk.

Mr. Pope, whose work in heart health stretches all the way back to his 1994 ultrasound training at Providence Health in Columbia SC, has clearly shown that he wants to help. This has been accomplished in recent years through development of a way to offer accessible medical testing to residents of rural North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. When a medical facility requests the services of Atlanta’s Dwayne Pope, he is able to organize a cardiovascular testing session that is close to patient homes. The sonographers who help Mr. Pope carry out these screening sessions are all registered professionals with real-world experience. Since Dwayne Pope in Atlanta is a registered cardiac and vascular sonographer, as approved by the Cardiovascular Credentialing International, and a member of the American Society of Echocardiography, he knows which workers are vital additions to his team.

For those wondering if working as a sonographer is for them, Study.com notes that a college degree is typically a requirement. However, the article also notes that “students also have the option to graduate with a degree in a related field, pursue a certificate program in diagnostic medical sonography, and then receive on-the-job training.” Since the job description requires using “sophisticated equipment” that projects soundwaves into bodies as a way to create images, the training that prospective sonographers will undergo is extensive and essential. Still, Mr. Pope says that these efforts are worth-while if you’re seeking gainful employment in this medical field. The medical offices that opt to work with Mr. Pope for screening services are able to select the sonographers who’ll work at the events. As such, it would behoove those looking to enter the field to pursue the best education and real-world experience as possible.

Since 1997, Atlanta’s Dwayne Pope has been organizing screening sessions that help medical offices deliver first-rate care to patients. It all stems from Mr. Pope seeing a clear need and stepping up to solve it.